Do any of these sound like you?

1. Blah – that’s how you might describe life. You get up, go to work, come home, go to bed – day after day. On the outside, everything looks fine, but it feels like you are just going through the motions. It’s been a while since you’ve felt really alive. You long to live in a way which feels vibrant, authentic, and true to your heart.

2. You are recently engaged and very excited about planning your wedding, and yet when you think about making a lifelong commitment, you sometimes feel nervous. You want to make sure your relationship has a strong foundation and that your partner and you have the necessary skills to weather any unexpected storms.

3. As a parent, you love your children and want them to grow into happy, responsible adults. However, the teacher has called numerous times to report problems at school, and it’s a struggle to get your child to complete tasks at home. All the things you’ve been trying don’t seem to be working. You are stumped and unsure what to do next.

4. A major life change has occurred – perhaps you’ve started college, are faced with a career change, or have been recently diagnosed with a health challenge. You are feeling confused, alone, and finding it hard to make decisions. It’s even gotten to the point where you are questioning your faith and wondering why it has to be so hard.

5. It’s the holidays again, and that means a visit with the family. Family is important to you, but when everyone gets together, it seems you slide back into the roles you had growing up. Before you know it, someone says something and it triggers an upset. You end up tense and counting down the hours before you can leave. You wish there was a way to stop repeating the same cycles.

6. For years your relationship with your partner was good, and yet now you find even small things trigger arguments. While watching T.V. one night, you glanced at your partner and thought, “Who is this person?” You are worried about the distance that has grown between the two of you and have even been wondering about whether to stay.

7. The roles seem to be reversing. Your parents, who have guided you over the years, are aging and are beginning to have health or financial challenges. You sense it’s time to begin having conversations about their future, but it’s stressful because they think they are fine.

8. You’ve recently remarried and are officially now a blended family. Several times after correcting your spouse’s son, you’ve heard, “You’re not my parent. I don’t have to listen to you!” Clearly, your spouse and you have different parenting styles and are struggling to reach agreement.

More people than ever before are realizing the importance of living in alignment with love and compassion and the impact this has on their lives, the lives of others, and ultimately, on the world. They want to know how to live an authentic heart-centered life that supports their desire for happy, healthy, loving relationships.

If this resonates, you are not alone!

Here are examples of people who have been helped by my work:

  • Singles who are not in a long-term relationship
  • Couples just beginning a relationship, and those who have been in relationships for many years – dating, engaged, newlyweds, married, or long-term commitments
  • People experiencing remarriage, including those who are blending families
  • Individuals experiencing a life change – college, career, health, separation/divorce, death of a loved one
  • Parents of children of all ages
  • Adult children of aging parents

Since everyone has a heart which contains their deeper, inner wisdom, and everyone is in a relationship of some type, it’s probable that I’ve helped someone who is experiencing something similar to you.

Working with me will be maximized if you hold some of the following values:

  • You value authenticity and living with integrity.
  • You are open to looking at yourself and honor personal growth and learning.
  • You are spiritual in that you have a sense of a power greater than yourself even if it is not clearly defined.
  • You desire to live and act from love and compassion.
  • You value family and want to foster healthy family dynamics.
  • You strive for open, honest, communication that cares for all involved.

How do you get started?

If any of the above sounds like you, and you would like to contact me with your specific questions, please go here.

Or, if you are wondering about my counseling, ceremony or Prepare/Enrich services, please go here.