So, how does this work?

For Counseling:

It’s my experience that the heart is pure and knows what is true. Young children are naturals at heart connection – just watch a toddler at play.

As people age, however, they are taught to listen to and value external information over their inner wisdom. They are taught to ignore or discount the wisdom of their hearts.

A first step in this work, then, is learning how, or more accurately remembering how, to listen and see from the heart.

Next, accessing the wisdom of your heart – your higher self, you can become conscious of the beliefs and coping strategies you developed growing up which no longer serve you. You also will be able to discern those which continue to be helpful.

Finally, while learning to let go of past hurtful messages and mistaken beliefs as well as the behaviors which accompany them, you will strengthen and add new heart-centered strategies that support you in your life today.

Learning to listen and see from the heart – from love and compassion – helps you create beneficial physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shifts. As a result, you experience happier, healthier, and ultimately more loving relationships with yourself, others and the world.

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For Prepare/Enrich:

You and your partner will be asked to complete an online assessment inventory which helps to identify areas of strength in your relationship as well as possible areas for growth.  During sessions, this information is used as you are guided through exercises which address key components for healthy relationships such as communication skills, conflict resolution, handling personal stressors, expectations, and more.  Whether you are choosing to work on strengthening the foundation of your relationship before marrying, or choosing to enhance and enrich your relationship after being married, the focus always is based on helping you have and keep a loving heart to heart connection with your partner.

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For Ceremonies:

To begin, an initial phone conversation gathers logistical information and checks calendar availability.  Then, if you select a conventional or customized ceremony option, a face-to-face consultation meeting is scheduled.  I listen carefully as you share from your heart what you are envisioning for your special day, and together we work to create a ceremony that includes what is truly important to you.  Helping you relax and enjoy the process is a top priority.

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