Here are some frequently asked questions regarding counseling:

Who would benefit from counseling?

Counseling can be of benefit to anyone – male, female, young or old. Sessions provide support in a safe and loving environment, helping you to achieve clarity for daily living as well as life’s major transitions.

I find that, in today’s world, people spend a lot of time thinking – being “in their heads” so to speak. It’s not that thinking is wrong, however, this often creates an imbalance. There’s a disconnect from what truly matters – there’s a disconnect from the heart.

By integrating simple, life-affirming practices, the counseling process gently helps you return to your heart – to find the innate, Divine wisdom which resides in you.

Thank you for helping us through such hard times. Our relationship will only continue to get stronger due to your help and support. We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all the wonderful ways that you have taught us to keep our hearts bound through love. You have given us an amazing gift that we shall cherish forever, each other.
~ M. and S.

Does counseling have to have a spiritual focus?

You decide. Whether you follow a specific faith tradition, define yourself as spiritual but not religious, or simply are unsure about what you believe, I trust your innate ability to access your inner wisdom, beauty and Truth through the doorway of your heart.

Does counseling always have to be about a major life crisis?

Absolutely not. Counseling can be a place for receiving support as you fine-tune behavioral changes, or it can be a place to bounce around ideas as you are problem solving and making decisions about your future. Listen to your heart. Whatever comes up and wants to be known is welcome to be addressed in sessions.

Please accept my heart felt gratitude for guiding me on my professional journey. Your kindness and patience have been a blessing to me when I felt confused, and my career was facing a crossroads. I was fortunate to leave your office with more than my questions answered – I walked away inspired!
~ M.

How long does it take to see results?

It has been my experience that the more you put into the process, the better chance for positive, lasting results. Because the work that we do is a process and tends to have a cumulative effect, it is helpful to commit to a minimum number of at least six sessions to be completed within a three month period.

While you will likely gain clarity in as little as one session, and six sessions is a good start, please know that it generally takes longer for deeper work. Habits and patterns, which may no longer be serving you, were formed over many years. Gentle unraveling, while developing new skills and habits, takes time.

How long are sessions and what do sessions cost?

Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

The cost for the initial session is $135. The follow-up package of six sessions costs $750 and may be paid in full at the first session or divided into two ($375), three ($250), or six ($125) equal payments. I accept MasterCard, Visa, check and cash payments.

I’m happy to schedule a free, 15-20 minute get to know you chat before you commit to the initial session. To schedule, call 281-304-1677 or click here to access the contact form.